Trinity Resources - Your Talc & Kaolin Alternative

Corporate Profile

Situated just outside St Johns, Newfoundland, Trinity Resources is a private company operating a world-class pyrophyllite mine which supplies one of the brightest aluminum silicate products to various industries worldwide.  Our aluminum silicate products are currently being used to manufacture products in an array of industries including adhesives, ceramics, refractory, plastics, rubber and coatings.

Our facility has the capacity to mine, mill and classify up 50,000 metric tons per year and has state of the art technology to remove any impurities from the ore.  This advanced technology allows us to produce products with a range of d50 microns from 2 up to 20.  We have a demonstrated proprietary quality control program in place to ensure the production of consistently high-quality products.

Our four Aluminum Silicate products include:

1. Altifill™
2. Altiplus™
3. Altibright™
4. Altiblock™

Product development initiatives are continuing for the company which will see the introduction of sub micron products in 2014.

At Trinity Resources, everything we do is inspired by our mission, vision and goals.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is provide a whiter and brighter industrial mineral alternative to talc and kaolin and become the premier alternative choice for manufacturers worldwide who are currently using talc, kaolin and pyrophyllite in their production process.  At Trinity Resources, we are dedicated to providing a safe work environment while producing the highest quality industrial mineral products for all current and future customers.