Trinity Resources - Your Talc & Kaolin Alternative

Our Team

John Hurley, President & CEO

Mr. John Hurley is a dedicated entrepreneur with a successful history of developing businesses from concept, through research and development and into commercial production.  With over 24 years of experience in the mining and industrial minerals industry, Mr. Hurley’s business development initiatives have spanned 14 countries.  A Bachelor of Science graduate with a major in Chemistry from Memorial University, Mr. Hurley is an experienced management executive with drive and ambition.


Robert Hunt, Executive Sales Director

Mr. Robert Hunt is a competitive sales and marketing executive with a strong commitment to corporate objectives.  In the span of his career, he has been successful in driving sales revenues and developing strong customer relationships, specifically in the talc and industrial minerals space.  Mr. Hunt has over 25 years as a sales executive with companies such as The Barmin Co LLC, Barnes Environmental International, and Highwood Resources, where he was responsible for sales in the foundry, industrial, steel and aggregate divisions, as well as talc, dolomite and barite filler products.  Mr. Hunt is extremely knowledgeable in industrial minerals.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from McMaster University, Ontario.


Adam Pike, Quality Assurance Manager

After graduating from the Marine Institute of Memorial University, Mr. Adam Pike went on to complete an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Aquaculture.  His previous work employment includes being a production supervisor for two large scale food/beverage manufacturing facilities.  Both facilities have ISO 17025 certified laboratories and follow strict quality and production standards.   This experience has given Mr. Pike tremendous knowledge in quality control processes and policies.  Mr. Pike was recently accepted for Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Management at the Marine Institute.   He is also fully trained in First Aid and WHMIS.


Miranda McCarthy, Marketing & Communications Manager

Mrs. McCarthy is a communications specialist with expertise in Public Relations, Event Management and Marketing Campaigns. With her training, entrepreneurial spirit and energetic personality, she founded and co-managed a Toronto-based Investor & Public Relations firm in 2005 which joined forces with Cutler Consulting in 2010 to form Cutler McCarthy Inc.  With an office on Bay Street, she is well accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment and understands, first-hand, what it takes to run a successful business.  Mrs. McCarthy holds a BA in English Literature from Memorial University. After completing part of her studies in London England, she went on to complete a post-graduate program in Public Relations.


Chris Hurley, Operations Manager

With over 17 years of production experience in the Dimension stone industry, Mr. Chris Hurley joined the company in 2011. Bringing practical operational planning and execution to the company, Mr. Hurley manages maintenance and production planning for our open pit, ore sorting and preparation and ship loading operations. With a “hands on” approach, he ensures the highest level of efficiency and quality for the company.


Wayne Martin, Plant Operations Manager

Mr. Martin comes to Trinity following a 20 year long career as an Electrical Operations Technician with the Royal Canadian Navy.  He is well versed in managing the needs and demands in the everyday operation of equipment and field applications.  Mr. Martin understands the market requirements and unique challenges involved with Trinity’s site environment, ore characteristics, powder recovery requirements, transportation, and budget considerations for virtually every process within the operation.  From mobile vehicles, breaker systems, feeders, crushers, screens, mills, and conveyors, Mr. Martin is the one source needed to optimize Trinity’s mine site.