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Altiplus™ and Altibright™ products are high brightness, asbestos free, platy functional fillers/extenders developed for diverse industrial applications, such as: coatings & primers, powder coatings, pulp & paper, as well as color sensitive rubber and plastics applications.

Benefits of using Altiplus™ and Altibright™:

  • High purity, platy, white, asbestos free talc alternatives mined and processed in Newfoundland, Canada
  • Very fine, easily dispersed, micronized products with a uniform particle distribution
  • We have developed over several decades, expertise in industrial minerals processing

Paint & Coatings

Our high purity, high brightness, platy, asbestos free Altiplus™, Altibright™ and Altifil™ talc alternatives are used in many paint and primer formulations to provide the following benefits:

  • improved sanding of primer and paint layers
  • increased ease of application, handling and storage for paint
  • flattening effect in conventional solvent based coatings
  • prevent aging and cracking of paint layers
  • increased water resistance and covering quality of coatings
  • perform as white pigment extenders to lower raw materials costs

Powder Coatings

Altiplus™ functional fillers/extenders are used in compounding powder coatings master batches that are based on: polyurethane, PVC & vinyl based resins, polystyrene and phenolic. Our products provide the following benefits:

  • improved sanding properties for primer and coating layers
  • increased compressive strength and reinforced coating layers
  • increased thermal and creep resistance for the plastic particles


Our high purity, platy, asbestos free Altiplus™ talc alternatives are excellent functional fillers/extenders designed for use in a variety of plastics, such as: nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC & other vinyl based resins, polystyrene, phenolic, polyethylene and thermoset polyesters.

Altiplus™ talc alternatives are also effective antiblocking agents used in the manufacturing of polyethylene and polypropylene film sheets. Altiplus™ and Altifil™ functional fillers/extenders provide the following benefits:

  • enhanced corrosion resistance
  • increased tensile strength, wear and impact resistance
  • increased thermal and creep resistance
  • promote nucleation, uniform pore structure in polystyrene foam
  • reduced shrinkage in injection molding resin grades (homopolymer & copolymer)

Pulp & Paper

Our high purity, asbestos free, platy shaped Altiplus™ products are suitable pitch control agents, trapping residual resins that cause blemishes in paper sheets. In paper coating applications, high brightness and whiteness Altiplus™ talc alternatives are suitable extenders for the expensive titanium dioxide pigment.

In addition, Altiplus™ products can be used in paper recycling processes, as de-inking agents.


Our high purity, platy, asbestos free Altiplus™ and Altifil™ talc alternatives are versatile additives used in the manufacturing of rubber products as a processing aid, functional filler, dusting and mold release agent.

Sealants & Adhesives

Our high purity, asbestos free, high brightness Altiplus™ and Altifil™ products are excellent white fillers used in a variety of high end sealants and bonding compounds to replace talc.

Other Applications: Agri-chemicals

Our asbestos free, high purity Altiplus™ and Altifil™ talc alternatives are excellent carriers for agri-chemicals, as well as flow promoting processing aid used in the manufacturing of animal feeds.