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Offering the industry the performance of DE and Talc in one

Trinity Resources is proud to announce the launch of a new “antiblock”
mineral – Altiblock™.

Altiblock™ offers very low iron content (Fe2O3) <0.2%,  hardness that is
comparable to current DE, Nepheline Syenite (NS) or Talcs, refractive index
and specific gravity comparable to the best antiblock products.

Having a product with a high iron content can accelerate degradation of organic components or the polyolefin itself. Altiblock™ eliminates Iron as a transition metal – this reduces organic degradation even more than the best Talcs on the market.

Altiblock™ offers lower Hardness than a DE or NS that can have implications on machine wear. This can be of primary concern to the masterbatch producer.

Refractive index differences between inorganic particles and the surrounding polyolefin determine the additives impact on clarity or haze. For some film applications this may be of importance. Polyethylene has a refractive index of 1.5 and therefore DE should be almost ‘invisible’.  Altiblock™ has a refractive index which is between Talc and DE. When reviewing comparative test results for Clarity – Altiblock™ outperforms Talc, Nepheline Syenite and CaCo3.

Specific gravity can impact film yield for the film producer. As denser materials are added to a nominal 0.920 gm/cc polyolefin, apparent throughput is increased (kg/hr) meaning that if gauge is held constant, a given area of film will weigh more.

Altiblock™ offers a natural blend of irregularly shaped and platy particles.


The current market has many products including : Diatomaceous earth, Nepheline Syenite and Talc which all prove to be efficient antiblocks.

Altiblock™ is produced from a very pure pyrophyllite with low impurities and available in a 9,6,4 and 2 micron median.

Altiblock™ can offer a comparable clarity with better blocking force than most current products available.

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