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Personal Care

Personal Care

Our Altiplus™ product is soft to the touch and chemically inert.  It can be used as a body powder for hundreds of years and is an ideal carrier for perfumes.  Due to its mica content, Altiplus™ can also be used to manufacture blushers, eye shadows and powder compacts.

Our Altiplus™ product is a certified non-asbestos form and bacteria controlled (B.C.) product.  The “platy” crystalline structure of Altiplus™ helps to impart a smooth feeling to liquid and powdered facial makeup applications as well as to body, face and hands creams and lotions.  As an inert filler, Altiplus™ imparts easy gliding properties to solid stick deodorants.

Altiplus™ functions include:

  • Fragrance carrier
  • Inert carrier
  • Reduce formulation costs
  • Pigment extender
  • Softness

Altiplus™ applications include:

  • Body powder
  • Make-up
  • Soaps
  • Liquid or powdered makeup
  • Solid stick deodorants

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