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Our Products Represent Cost Savings for Canadian Manufactures: Increasing US Dollar adds 10-12% on Imports of Talc, Kaolin and Silica

February 20, 2014

Trinity Resources is positioned to benefit from an increasing U.S. Dollar.  Canadian companies, who are currently importing talc and kaolin from the US, are experiencing rising costs as the Canadian dollar weakens and the US dollar strengthens.  Trinity’s products represent considerable savings for Canadian Manufactures to purchase directly – in Canadian Dollars.

“Canadian companies who are currently purchasing talc or kaolin or silica in US dollars are currently paying 12% more then have been paying just 4 months ago – this is a significant cost increase and will have to be passed along to end customers,” said President & CEO John Hurley.  “Mined and produced in Newfoundland – we offer a domestic alternative mineral filler to talc and kaolin in Canadian dollars. We have the ability to bring price stability to the Canadian marketplace place with a high quality functional filler.”

Canadian companies experiencing rising prices on raw materials can find alternative options with Trinity Resources. As a result, the company is looking to attract more Canadian companies searching for opportunities to save money and buy domestically.

About Trinity Resources Ltd
Trinity Resources is a private company, owning and operating a world-class pyrophyllite deposit in Newfoundland, Canada.  The company produces some of the brightest aluminum silicate products in the world.  Trinity’s pyrophyllite products (Altibright™, Altiplus™, Altiblock™ and Altifil™) are versatile and offer improved performance for a wide range of products from industries such as plastics (TPO’s & plastic films), paint, coatings, paper, rubber, ceramics, fiberglass, personal care, agriculture, refractory and foundry.  With the same physical characteristics as talc and kaolin, Trinity’s products are a functional mineral filler offering high brightness and macro crystalline, platy structure.  The company is currently mining, milling and shipping their pyrophyllite products to markets world-wide.  Trinity is a growth oriented company aggressively striving to become a mid-tier producer.  For a list of our Canadian and European distributors visit our website or click HERE.

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