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Trinity Resources receives Health Canada Approval for its line of Altiblock™ additives for Plastic Film Manufacturers

Newfoundland, Canada, November 18, 2014 – Trinity Resources proudly revealed Altiblock™ to the plastic film industry in early 2014.  Altiblock™ is produced from the company’s pyrophyllite deposit in Newfoundland, Canada and sold to markets worldwide and now Trinity has Health Canada Approval for its line of Altiblock™ additives.

“We are very proud of the accomplishment in receiving Health Canada Approval for the use of Altiblock™ in plastic film applications as an additive.” says John Hurley, President & CEO.  “We are also anticipating approvals from both the FDA and EC for Altiblock™ in the very near future. These approvals bring a broader market application base and higher degree of confidence to our worldwide customers.  Ultimately, Altiblock™ will become an incumbent mineral in the antiblock additive field with end market applications continuing to expand.”

“The morphology of Altiblock™ combines the best attributes of talc, nepheline syenite and DE in one product. By focusing on our logistics and manufacturing costs we are able balance the cost to performance equation for film processors throughout the NAFTA and European region.” says John Hurley, President and CEO of Trinity Resources.

Plastic film encompasses a wide range of applications including plastic bags, food packaging, shrink wrap, horticultural films, and even video film tape. What prevents two layers of plastic film from sticking together (for example in a garbage bag) is the antiblocking mineral additive which is added during the manufacturing process.  Trinity’s Altiblock™ is a new alternative product for plastic film manufacturers. 

About Trinity Resources Ltd
Trinity Resources is a private company, owning and operating a world-class pyrophyllite deposit in Newfoundland, Canada.  The company produces some of the brightest aluminum silicate products in the world.  Trinity’s pyrophyllite products (Altibright™, Altiplus™, Altiblock™ and Altifil™) are versatile fillers and extenders and offer improved performance in a wide range of  industries such as paint, plastics (plastic films & TPO’s), paper, rubber, ceramics, fiberglass, personal care, agriculture, refractory and foundry.  It has the same physical characteristics as talc and kaolin; it is very bright, soft and highly platy and is an excellent alternative in the manufacturing process.  The company is currently mining, milling and shipping their pyrophyllite products to markets world-wide.  Trinity is a growth oriented company aggressively working to become a mid-tier producer. 

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