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Trinity Receives FDA Approval for its Functional Additivities Products

Trinity Receives FDA Approval for its Functional Additivities Products

Newfoundland, Canada, April 28, 2015 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Trinity’s ALTIBLOCK™ line of products for food contact applications in plastic film. ALTIBLOCK™ is a functional additive product that is used to manufacture plastic film for any application – from wrapping vegetables and animal products to industrial applications.

ALTIBLOCK™ is used as an anti-blocking (anti-sticking) agent in polymer film resins.  By balancing the chemistry, particle shape, colour and particle size distribution ALTIBLOCK™ has a unique morphology that balances the cost to performance equation when comparing blocking force and clarity in film applications.  Produced from pyrophyllite – an aluminum silicate mineral – ALTIBLOCK™ is a cost effective replacement for manufacturers who are currently using talc, nelpheline Syenite and diatomaceous earth products.

“This FDA approval signifies a major milestone for Trinity, bringing significant credibility for our company, its processes and products,” said President & CEO John Hurley.  “Our ALTIBLOCK™ product is being sold to customers around the world and will be recognized as an incumbent functional additive offering a cost-effective functional additive in the production of plastic films. We are anticipating significant growth in this market segment for our company in both the NAFTA and EU marketplaces.”

The official listing has been added to the list of effective notifications for FCNs which is available on the FDA website at:

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Based in Newfoundland, Canada, Trinity Resources is a speciality materials company and produces a range of functional additives, process enablers and specialty materials from a world-class feedstock.  Trinity’s range of products – Altiplus™, Altiblock™ and Altifil™ offer improved performance, lower costs and high physical purity in markets that cover broad technologies ranging from plastics and rubber to ceramics, personal care, refractory and foundry.  Trinity is a growth oriented company and is aggressively developing global opportunities in target segments. 

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