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New Bright Reinforcing Filler & Extender for Plastics

Trinity Resources Ltd – Newfoundland – announces the introduction of a new series of inert mineral reinforcing fillers and extenders –AltiplusTM and AltibrightTM.  Produced from the mineral pyrophyllite (hydrous aluminum silicate) these products have the same monoclinic crystal structure as talc (hydrous magnesium silicate).  Macrocrystalline with high aspect ratio ALTIPLUS and ALTIBRIGHT offer excellent properties:

-       Reinforcing mineral filler

-       Excellent optical properties in natural  filled composites

-       High dry brightness 92-96

-       Macrocrystalline platelets and high aspect ratio

-       Excellent stiffness, impact and dimensional stability

-       Excellent thermal stability

-       Excellent chemical resistance

-       Low electrical conductivity

-       Ease of dispersion

Commercially, the physical properties of talc and pyrophyllite are the same. There is no strict demarcation line between the two minerals. The chemical properties of Trinity’s pyrophyllite are similar to those of clay.

Produced from a massive deposit located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Trinity’s products are asbestos free, and possess consistently unique high dry brightness (Y 92-96) and high wet brightness, due to their low levels of iron oxide and other mineral impurities.  Produced from high quality sorted ore to ensure consistency in physical properties, brightness, and mineralogy  ALTIPLUS makes it ideally suited for natural and color sensitive systems.

ALTIPLUS can be used as a reinforcing additive in filled and reinforced polyolefins, TPO’s, TPE’s, and Nylon.

Altiplus grades are available in 50-pound bags and semi-bulk bags ranging in size from 10 micron median to 2 micron median. Altibright at 95-96 brightness is available in 2 micron and 1-micron median.

Tests performed in an engineered polypropylene automotive compound against high purity Chinese talc, have shown mechanical properties and optical characteristics equivalent to those of the Chinese talc.

As a domestic producer, Trinity Resources is looking forward to bringing some pricing stability to the industry sector over the near years. In Canada, Trinity has appointed Brenntag Canada as its exclusive distributor.  The company is seeking additional distributors in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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