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Improve Your Cohesive Strength : Altiplus in Adhesives and Sealants

Produced by Trinity Resources,  Altiplus  is a cost effective hydrous  aluminum silicate filler.  Chemically similar to kaolin clay but having a  macro crystalline platy structure  and available in  a range of  particle sizes. The platy structure and high dry/wet brightness  of Altiplus provides excellent reinforcing and barrier properties and resin extender properties in adhesives and  sealants.

Altiplus fillers have a ph of 6.-6.5 thus reducing gelling in some adhesive formulations, and a  low mohs  hardness and are non-abrasive to equipment .

The platy structure of Altiplus imparts improved settling resistance and excellent barrier  properties  to the polymer system .

Altiplus disperses excellent in water base and solvent based systems, offers low shrinkage, excellent rheological and gap filling  properties in adhesive formulations.

Controlled particle sizing offers  good cohesive strength retention and reduced pin holing  in adhesives used in pressure sensitive tape applications.

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